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* Get The Career You Deserve *

Skillcrush completely changed my life. Only 10 months after starting my first lesson, I was able to land a flexible job at a media agency and am continuously growing my freelance web design/dev business. Can’t say enough amazing things about the entire Skillcrush team and learning process! Keep being awesome and empowering women to break into tech!

Melissa Gerbereux

Senior Creative Developer, MiQ

New York, NY

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Becca Megay

The Economy’s Crazy, but My New Skills Still Landed Me a New Job

I was job hunting after being furloughed from my company a few weeks ago. I just accepted a new position last week and start tomorrow! Grateful to have a job in this economic craziness…hard work pays off!

Becca Megay

Social Media Coordinator, Project Management Institute

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why Spend Thousands on Lessons When All You Need Is Skillcrush?

After being in the ‘wild’ I have learned that the education I gained from my Skillcrush courses has far exceeded my counterparts, some of who spent thousands more on continuing ed courses at local universities. It’s important to know that the foundational knowledge is covered here. Others are having a much harder time finding positions due to simple lack of core ‘test’ question answers asked to land interviews.

Jessica McIntosh

Digital Specialist, Blue Label Creative

Chaska, Minnesota

Skillcrush Makes the Thought of My Dream Career Go From a Dream to Reality


Job Support:


Skillcrush is AMAZING!!!!…I love how the classes are set up and that mentors are easily available when I need help. They’re like your own personal cheerleaders and cheer you on the whole way!!! When feeling discouraged, I reach out and they always respond and provide advice…I researched other courses, even free ones, but Skillcrush stood out to me knowing that I would have mentors and a community of others in my situation.

Tenille Williams

Data Operations & Integration Technologies Specialist, Ultimate Software

St. Louis, Missouri

I didn’t know I could create a career from nothing, I didn’t know a creative career in tech could exist, and without connecting with Skillcrush, there’s no way that I would be doing what I’m doing.

Edinah Chewe

Freelance Visual Designer, Wild Logic

Brooklyn, NY

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Totally Lives Up to the Hype!

I am someone who gives up on difficult things easily, which can make learning new skills as an adult quite difficult. Skillcrush makes it easy to learn at your own pace and divides up each subject into bite-sized chunks. It has kept me motivated to keep going, even when I get stuck. There’s a great student community on Slack where you can ask questions of your instructors and fellow students, town halls where you can all talk through bigger issues, and career counseling to help you use what you learned after you’ve done it.

Lauren Kincaid-Filbey

Client Success Coordinator, Smokeball

Chicago, Illinois

Simple, Easy, and Fun

Skillcrush took something that I felt was so daunting and intimidating, and made it fun and simple.

Cristian Garcia

Student, Skillcrush

Every day brings new challenges when you’re a developer, but it also brings you new knowledge to solve those big problems and realize those big dreams.

Sara Regan

Front End Developer, Chatterbug

Berlin, Germany

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It Was the Perfect Balance of Challenge and Support. The Training Is World-Class.


Job Support:


Let me start out by saying that I’m fifty-eight years old…have three kids at home, and a full-time very physically demanding job. I didn’t have the time, cognitive ability, or money to waste. Skillcrush offers excellent training, support, and a well-traveled path to reach your personal and professional goals. This work is done remotely, but you are only as alone as you want to be. There’s camaraderie and support a few keystrokes away from the instructors and other students. The staff and instructors go the extra mile to make sure all of your questions are fully answered. If entering the tech world is your goal, you cannot invest your time or money in a more thorough or effective program.

Rob Schuster

Web Developer, Freelance

Tustin, Michigan

Beyond My Expectations!

I am so excited about the program and how helpful and easy everyone has made it…The staff members, Sharon, Caroline, and others, always respond to my questions in such a timely fashion. Not only are the responses so quick, but so accurate in their diagnosis…They have been so patient and kind. I am so grateful I found Skillcrush.

Lori Ann Carr

Student, Skillcrush

* Control Your Schedule *

Nathalia Bailey
Now that I’ve taken Skillcrush, I just do my work and I’m happy with every minute of the work I do. I’m engaged, I’m never bored, and I have control over the work I’m doing. I have more control and empowerment in my career, and that’s how Skillcrush has changed my life.

Nathalia Bailey

Marketing & Communications Consultant, Nathalia Bailey Consulting

Orlando, FL

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Skillcrush Gave Me the Courage to Apply for (and Land!) a Remote Position

I had an interview Friday and found a job offer for that remote position in my inbox this morning. I get to use my web dev skills too!!…Skillcrush gave me the courage to reach out for this role. The position is remote, flexible, and full-time. Thank you, Skillcrush for helping me to cement my skills.

Chemierra McNeil

Client Success Specialist, Twenty Over Ten

Atlanta, Georgia

Teni Coker

Flexible, Remote Work Is Mine!

I found the listing for this job thru Remotive, which I think was recommended thru Skillcrush! My skills in web design, CSS, and WordPress are what helped me with my application process and my paid trial work! I’ll be starting my full time work at Automattic, and I have Skillcrush to thank for offering me the skills and resources to apply for this role—thank you all so much!

Teni Coker

Happiness Engineer, Automattic

Raleigh, North Carolina

Just as in my courses with Skillcrush, I wasn’t sure if I could do it—but I said yes anyway. It snowballed from there, and today I make my living building websites for small businesses.

Sarah Greer

Web Developer, Freelance


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Affordable, Flexible, and Incredibly Supportive


Job Support:


I started searching schools & options…& came across Skillcrush & a few other options. After some time & consideration I ended up taking the leap with Skillcrush. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!…I felt that the BIT blueprint was the best option for me to not only learn everything I want to, but also get the help I need for career counseling. There is an incredible support system with Skillcrush & the curriculum is very easy to follow & understand…Also not only are they very affordable for working adults, but it’s so flexible it allows you to keep doing what you need to do in life without a complete interruption to go back to school…My only regret about this whole thing is not finding Skillcrush sooner & taking the BIT blueprint course sooner!!

Sebrina Rothrock

Creative Analyst, The Media Trust

Palm Coast, FL

* Newbie? No Problem. *

I’ve Already Earned $20K!

I still haven’t finished the how to freelance section of the course, but it’s highly ironic because the only reason I haven’t done it is because I’m working on real projects for real clients.

Anna Haefele

Visual Designer, Freelance

Santa Barbara, California

Erika Tepler
I have more to be excited about in my career path than ever before. There’s so much more to do in this space and having a few hard skills makes it…it’s not even a path it’s just wide open. I feel like there’s just this wide-open space for people with these skills to succeed in…It’s easy to say I want change. But actually making that change is really hard. And Skillcrush gave me the confidence to move along in that process.

Erika Tepler

Head of Marketing, Panion

Seville, Spain

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Skillcrush Takes You From Point A to Point Job

When people I meet for the first time ask me “What do you do?,” I now beam with pride and exclaim, “I’m a Software Engineer!!” Some people’s reactions seem to me like I just told them I’m a professional wizard, which I kind of feel like I am. ;)…I was using my Skillcrush skills from DAY ONE. I went to my first day so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to code without a tutorial, but left feeling so relieved, happy, and excited. I finally have a job that I look forward to. THANK YOU! :)

Lesley Hogg

Software Engineer, MachineMetrics

Northampton, Massachusetts

Finally Kissing My Mundane Job Goodbye

I can’t believe it…I landed my first web developer job! It’s a front-end developer position, and I’m super excited. This will finally get me out of the mundane job I was in, that was headed nowhere. I was able to pass the two interviews and the test project they had me complete. Practically everything I learned at Skillcrush contributed to me getting this job, so THANK YOU Skillcrush!

Bryan Herbert

Front End Web Developer, TMP Worldwide

Louisville, Kentucky

I Broke Into Tech!

Just found out that I officially got the job today…THRILLED! I don’t think that this would have happened if I hadn’t gone through this program. During my interview process, I shared my portfolio and github, showing them that I am willing and able to dedicate myself to learning new technology…It’s perfect. SO HAPPY!

Kandis Flick

Information Analyst, Financial Systems, The Standard

Portland, Oregon

Skillcrush is Not Only Fun, but Also Has My Back!


Job Support:


I am enrolled in the BIT Blueprint. Didn’t know what to expect to be honest because I do not have a tech background. I am having the best time!!! The lessons are broken down phenomenally and when I get stuck, they have my back and are super with prompt responses. I would recommend them in a heartbeat and you may not be able to tell but I’m stoked to be a Skillcrusher!

Odutola Odunaiya

Student, Skillcrush

Lisa Savoie

Affordable Classes On My Own Schedule

I didn’t really want to go back to school. I didn’t want to spend the money. I didn’t want to have that time commitment. I didn’t want to put everything to the side so that I can do this. With Skillcrush courses, I can study at midnight if I want to. I can study early in the morning if I want to. It’s on my own schedule.

Lisa Savoie

Freelance Web Developer, LS Codes

Overland Park, Kansas

Approachable, Guided Lessons

These courses have certainly put me on the right path to knowing I CAN do this – it seemed so overwhelming at first, but you guys make it so approachable, and give me bite-size chunks if I need to take it slower. So thankful for you gals!

Jo Hartenberger

Founder, True Vision Design Firm

Albuquerque, New Mexico