12 Amazing Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding Every Day

If coding just isn’t your thing, check out these amazing jobs in tech that require little to none of it!

Some people love the idea of spending all day sitting in front of a computer, writing code to make amazing websites and web apps that are useful, fun, or both.

Others…not so much. And that might have you feeling like tech isn’t for you. But that’s so far from the truth! There are so many awesome jobs in tech that don’t require coding all day. Some hardly require coding at all.

In all the years I’ve worked in tech, I’ve spent maybe 15% of my time coding, and most of that was done entirely by choice—because it’s fun!

For example, digital marketing (including social media marketing and content marketing, which is what I do) rarely includes coding beyond inserting a link or maybe designing an email template. And even then a lot or all of the work can be done with a visual editor, rather than coding by hand.

Other awesome tech jobs that pay well balance coding with other skills, like visual design. Jobs like UI designer, UX designer, and mobile designer can all be done with little to no actual coding (though being familiar with code is definitely a bonus).

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Information Architect

Information architects spend their days designing the structure and organization of content for a website. They figure out how best to present information to a website’s visitors in order to provide a positive user experience. They use data collected from usability tests to help determine the best way to organize information.

Apply now:

1. Sr. Information Architect, Razorfish (Seattle area)
2. Information Architect, Garmin (Olathe, KS)

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers create a variety of content with an eye toward marketing and promotion of a company’s products or services. Content creation includes blog posts, downloads (like whitepapers and ebooks), and even video or audio content. They’re also responsible for promoting that content, via social media, email, and more.

Apply now:

3. Content Marketing Manager, Platypi (Birmingham, AL)

SEO Consultant

SEO consultants optimize a website’s content for search engines. Their goal is to improve search engine rankings for a site based on particular keywords. They have to stay up-to-date on changes to the way search engines rank content (which changes regularly) in order to be effective in their jobs.

Apply now:

4. Head of SEO, StickerMule (Remote)
5. SEO Specialist, Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter (New York, NY)

Growth Hacker

Growth hackers are tasked with growing a site’s audience by huge numbers. A big part of their job is to constantly test new strategies to find the ones with the highest gains. They have to have a firm grasp of statistics and data analysis to draw conclusions from the tests they run.

Apply now:

6. Growth Manager, Publisher SMB, Facebook (Menlo Park, CA)
7. Growth Hacker, Quantcast (San Francisco, CA)


UX Designer

UX designers are responsible for the feel of the website and creating a positive experience for the user. They spend their time making sure that everything works not only as it should, but also in a way that is logical and easy to understand by the user.

Apply now:

8. Contract UX Designer, Digital Boomerang (Remote)

Mobile Designer

Mobile designers create the look and feel of mobile apps and websites, for a variety of mobile devices. They have to have an excellent understanding of how people actually use their devices, as well as the design standards of the platform(s) they’re working on.

Apply now:

9. Mobile Designer, The Creative Group (Saddle Brook, NJ)
10. Mobile Product Designer, Houzz (Palo Alto, CA)

Product Manager

Product managers are in charge of the product strategy for the company (or a specific product line in larger organizations). They direct the growth of a product, as well as come up with new product ideas. Their job is strategic, with other teams taking care of the implementation.

Apply now:

11. Product Manager, Zapier (Remote)
12. Product Manager, HealthyWage (Remote)

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