5 Best FREE Online AI Courses For Everyone

AI for Everyone from DeepLearning.Ai

This non-technical course is taught by Andrew Ng, Stanford Computer Science professor and AI leader. The course is designed “for everyone” and will give you a broad understanding of what AI is.


Intro to ChatGPT from Codecademy

In this interactive and image based course, Codecademy does a great job of explaining how generative AI is created and what it can be used for by studying the example of ChatGPT.


Welcome to the Ethics of AI from the  University of Helsinki

A beautiful online course about a complex and sensitive subject like the ethics of AI. Truly, a sight for sore AIs 🤩


Machine Learning Courses from Google

If you’re a developer, Google has put together a great collection of courses and quick start guides on both introductory and advanced topics in Machine Learning algorithms, including problem framing, testing, clustering, and more.


Intro to Deep Learning from Kaggle

This heavily technical Kaggle course dives right into the deep end of deep learning, one of the most exciting areas of Artificial Development. And you get to build your own deep learning model in Python!


40+ FREE Online AI Courses For Everyone

There’s so much more to learn in the field of AI, for more resources check out our blog post: