Offline Tech Classes

Girl and lady-friendly coding classes all over the country and world!

A group of Girls Who Code excited to be learning to code

We’ve been hard at work polishing up the final version of our first web tutorial–videos are in final production and we’re creating some great interactive content that will get all of you ladies started down the path of building your first web project!

In the meantime, we thought that we’d share some great resources for those of you who are interested in getting a head’s start on learning in a more traditional, offline classroom environment.

There are a ton of great resources out there to help women and girls learn to code. We’ve shared a few of our favorites below.

For those of you who don’t live in Philly, San Francisco, New York, or any of the other locales lucky enough to have offline classes, keep an eye out for updates on our progress! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on for the past two months and look forward to guiding you down the path toward digital enlightenment, wherever you are.

For ladies of all ages

GirlDevelopIt!, @girldevelopit

Locations: New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Columbs, Cinncinati, San Francisco, Ottawa, Sydney
We <3 the ladies from GirlDevelopIt! They offer a range of courses–from basic HTML/CSS to Android Development–for those women who are eager to learn how to code. So far, they offer classes in several US cities (including Columbus and Cincinnati – go Ohio!), as well as Ottawa and Sydney. They are looking to expand to more cities in the next few months, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get the latest news.

Railsgirls, @railsgirls

Locations: Berlin, Munich, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Portland…to name but a few
Railsgirls held their first event in December 2010 in Helsinki. Since then, they’ve built an international network of volunteers who introduce women to Ruby on Rails, UI/UX and other skills that they need to build a web app. The events are held over the course of a weekend in cities around the world.

Ladies Learning Code, @llcodedotcom

Location: Toronto
Are you in Toronto? Then you’re in luck! Ladies Learning Code offers courses in HTML/CSS, Python, and mobile app development. They also cover some tech-adjacent skills like Photoshop and video editing.


For the under 21 set

BlackGirlsCode, @blackgirlscode

Location: San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Detroit & more
BlackGirlsCode aims to tackle two of tech’s most pernicious problems at once: the lack of women and minorities. This summer BGC’s Summer of Code is training girls 7-17 all over the country and preparing them to go into careers in the STEM fields. Check out their website for classes and workshops coming to a city near you.

Girls Who Code, @girlswhocode

Location: New York
Though not as explicitly focused on minorities, Girls Who Code is focused on helping girls in underserved communities get access to technology and learn hardcore technical skills. The program launched this summer with an intensive camp for girls 13-17 and more programs are coming soon.

TechGirlz, @TechGirlzOrg

Location: Philadelphia
The goal of TechGirlz is to introduce teenage girls to technology and show them that its not about having a boring computer job, but putting computer technology to work for you in whatever field you choose. They hosted an entrepreneur camp this summer and regularly host Saturday workshops with amazing named like “Driving Ms. Data” (all about data of course!).


Do you know of any other woman friendly offline classes that we missed? Please tell us about them in the comments!