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About the Webinar

You know that coding skills are a surefire bet for anyone looking to add flexibility, job security, and more money to their career. But does the idea of learning to code fill you with jitters?

We’re here to tell you that tech skills aren’t scary—in fact, we LOVE coding. Take a look at our Valentine’s Day chat where we’ll tell you exactly how we fell in love with code—and how gaining tech skills has been one of our biggest acts of self-love. You deserve it.

You’ll Learn:

  • Common fears when it comes to learning to code and how to overcome them
  • How we conquered our first-code jitters
  • How knowing how to code makes our lives better
  • What we love most about code and our tech careers

Webinar Guests

Shanise Barona

Administrative Coordinator, Girl Develop It
Shanise is a freelance web developer with an eye for design and a passion for building more inclusive tech communities. She is the admin coordinator at Girl Develop It, a non -profit that provides opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development and co-organizer of Ela Conf; a safe, inclusive tech leadership conference and community. When not lost in a side project or a Netflix marathon, she enjoys yoga, reading, and tending to her houseplant collection.

Adda Birnir

CEO & Founder, Skillcrush
Adda is the founder and CEO of Skillcrush, the country’s largest online education company focused on training women in technical topics, boasting an audience of over 250,000 women learning life-changing digital skills.

Before founding Skillcrush, Adda ran a web design and development company that built sites for media clients such as The New York Times, ProPublica, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and MTV. She has been named one of the “20 Women to Watch in Media” by the Columbia Journalism Review, one of the “30 Most Important Women in Tech” by Business Insider, and has been featured on the BBC, PBS, Fast Company, and Mashable.

LeeAnn Kinney

Director of Outreach and Special Initiatives, Girl Develop It
LeeAnn began her coding journey as a student with Girl Develop It in 2013, became a teaching assistant and eventually teacher after transitioning into her first front-end developer role in 2015. LeeAnn recently joined the GDI national team as Director of Outreach and Special Initiatives. Outside of Girl Develop It, LeeAnn cofounded Ela Conf in 2014; a safe, inclusive tech leadership conference and community. For the past few years, LeeAnn has also been the lead organizer for a hackathon in Philadelphia geared towards introducing beginners to hackathons, open source and civic hacking in a comfortable, non-competitive environment.

Aleia Walker

Web Development Instructor & Alumni Engagement Coordinator, Skillcrush
Aleia Walker is a freelance mentor and web developer helping creatives quit their day jobs to build the careers of their day dreams.

Three years ago she was an unhappy corporate drone. She did not feel valued at work and knew that something needed to change, so she started looking for skills that would make her more attractive – skills that would let her quit her full-time job and work on her own terms.

Aleia tested out a few side hustles: Calligraphy, woodworking, business writing, and social media strategy to name a few until settling on web development and design—it’s now one of her greatest passions! It wasn’t an easy journey and she did not have limitless funds or time, so Aleia made sure she could learn and apply a lot in a little time, with little money. Six months after starting to learn new skills, she started freelancing. And a year later, she quit her full-time job. And Aleia feels like she provides value to someone every damn day.

Is Tech Right For You? Take Our 3-Minute Quiz!

You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals

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