Make All the Money With UX Webinar

By: Haele Wolfe

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About the Webinar

Are you ready to earn serious money using your interest in how things work and what makes people tick but not sure how to make it happen? Then it’s time for you to learn more about user experience (UX). UX is a thriving industry focused on making technology work, flow, and feel better, and this webinar will cover exactly how you can get started in the field.

Whether you’ve already been learning digital skills or you’re still at square one, we’ll provide a roadmap for how to turn that high-paying UX job into a reality.

You’ll Learn:

  • What your career as a UX pro will look like
  • How much money UX professionals make and why every product needs them
  • Why a lucrative, flexible career in UX is not as far away as you think

Webinar Guests

Adda Birnir


Adda is the founder and CEO of Skillcrush, the country’s largest online education company focused on training women in technical topics, boasting an audience of over 250,000 women learning life-changing digital skills.

Before founding Skillcrush, Adda ran a web design and development company that built sites for media clients such as The New York Times, ProPublica, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and MTV. She has been named one of the “20 Women to Watch in Media” by the Columbia Journalism Review, one of the “30 Most Important Women in Tech” by Business Insider, and has been featured on the BBC, PBS, Fast Company, and Mashable.

Christine Chun


Christine Chun is currently a Product Designer in the Growth Team at Instacart. Previously, she studied Chemistry for undergrad while channeling her creativity through blog writing and filming YouTube videos on beauty and lifestyle. Soon after graduating, she worked at a beauty startup in San Francisco where she realized UX encompassed her passion for problem-solving and storytelling. She then quit her retail marketing job to enroll in a UX bootcamp which marked the beginning of her UX career.

Pablo Stanley


Pablo Stanley is a Design Lead at InVision Studio Platform and was previously designer and co-founder at Carbon Health. He gives design workshops, shares design tutorials on YouTube, and has a design podcast in Spanish. Pablo enjoys solving design puzzles, drawing silly illustrations, and doodling characters in his comic series called The Design Team. He also spends time composing geeky music, nerding out on typography, munching on veggie burgers, and writing punny comics.

Sarah Wohl


Sarah Wohl is a product designer based in San Francisco with a focus on user-centered and empathetic design. She’s spent 9 years designing UX and UI for consumer products, shipped numerous native apps and has helped companies of all sizes feel the intrinsic value of design and design thinking.

Prior to starting her own UX consulting business, she was the Director of Interaction Design at Chairish, an e-commerce company focused on vintage furniture, led design at Detour, a San Francisco startup creating incredible immersive audio walks, and co-founded the Boston-based company, Happier. She’s worked in-house with start-ups, larger organizations (PayPal) and agencies. Now consulting for a wide-range of freelance clients, she continues to practice user-centered design in addition to teaching courses at General Assembly and co-organizing a UX retreat called UX Camp.

Is Tech Right For You? Take Our 3-Minute Quiz!

You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals

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