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15+ Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates (That Don’t Look Like Word)

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Looking for even MORE free resume templates? We’ve added an updated list for 2019, here.

Most employers spend a lightning-fast six seconds scanning and assessing potential employees’ resumes, so if you’re ready to start applying for jobs, this means you’ll need a resume that stands out—something attention-grabbing without being obnoxious and that conveys your professional information with enough personality to be memorable. In other words: you need a creative resume that you can tweak to your heart’s content. What if we told you that the answer is a Microsoft Word resume template?

Dubious? Us, too. But whether you’re a design natural or design-challenged, you don’t need anything other than Microsoft Word to create one of the most eye-catching out there. And the beauty is, you don’t even need to know how to make a resume on Word—free Microsoft Word resume templates abound (yes, free!), so there’s no need to spend precious time, energy, or money building one from the ground up.

Plus added bonus: these resumes don’t look like you built them in Word, which is what we all want, right? Snag one of these stellar, free templates and make the most of your six seconds with potential employers!

1. Resume Template

Engaging without being busy, this template has a splash of color on the left hand sidebar to draw readers in. With a mix of fonts and even a “Skills” infographic, this doesn’t look like a Microsoft Word resume template—but it is, it really is.


Download the template here.

2. Anixel Studio Resume Template

Keep it minimal with this crisp infographic layout, and stand out from the cluttered crowd. Not your average resume—and definitely doesn’t look like it was made in Microsoft Word—but this is a great one for creatives from designers to writers (check out some of our other favorite free creative resume templates for 2019 while you’re here.)


Download the template here.

3. Mahmud Saeef Resume Template

This clean, column layout presents your info in a newsletter format. Although it mirrors the classic Microsoft Word resume template black and white format, don’t be fooled—this template is chock full of unique design elements to snag a hiring manager’s attention.


Download the template here.

4. Brian Champ Resume Template

A bold masthead and personalized bio header helps this template make a memorable introduction for you. (Note: this resume is available as an Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign file, but it’s also available as a Word template—so, dealer’s choice.)


Download the template here.

5. Rijo Abraham Resume Template

This photo header is crisp, professional, and artistic all at once. Who knew you could include images in a Microsoft Word template?


Download the template here.

6. Bogachov Alexander Resume Template

Customize the color palette on this template to capture your own style and personal aesthetic.


Download the template here.

7. Rijo Abraham Resume Template

This resume is bright and sunny—and comes with a cover letter template, too. (Here are some tips on what to write in that splashy cover letter while you’re at it.)


Download the template here.

8. Freesumes Resume Template

Keep it lean and green with these chilled-out (but eye-catching) mint headlines. A Microsoft Word resume template for those who love a splash of color.


Download the template here.

9. Zohan Habib Resume Template

This bright template shows your skills in adorable dot form while still being professional. Great for times when you want to play up the skills you’d bring to the table more than your past work experience (like, say, if you’re switching industries or looking for an entry-level job in tech).


Download the template here.

10. Resume Template

Keep your style timeless with this retro-yet-contemporary template.


Download the template here.

11. Resume Template

This crisp, well-appointed template will present your accomplishments in a strong light.


Download the template here.

12. Mats-Peter Forrs Resume Template

The noir look of this template adds an air of glamour to your already glamorous skill set and work history, while allowing for client testimonials.


Download the template here.

13. Resume Template

Keep your presentation classy and refined with this stately template.


Download the template here.

14. White Graphic Resume Template

The simple, modernist look of this template lets employers know you’re ready to get the job done in style.


Download the template here.

15. Lime Resumes Resume Template

This is probably the most straightforward of the Microsoft Word resume templates on our list, but a sharp line graphic at the top of this template elevates an otherwise plain design into a stand-out piece of personalized stationery.


Download the template here.

Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

Learn how to write resumes that get you HIRED with our FREE, 30+ page ebook.