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Are You Ready to Be a Web Designer? A Checklist.

Are You Ready to Be a Web Designer? A Checklist.

Are You Ready to Be a Web Designer? A Checklist.

Find out if you've got what it takes to start your web design career.

Q: When can I officially call myself a “web designer?”
A: When you’ve designed something for the web, of course!

Seriously, though. Here at Skillcrush, feeling ready is the most pressing issue on students’ minds. More than anything else, students ask: “Am I ready yet? How will I know when I’m ready for a freelance client?”

Even after months of studying and training and practicing, it’s normal to ask yourself when you are really ready to start getting clients. You’ve never done it before, and it takes a lot of gumption to go out on a limb and try something new. And if you’re on the outside looking in, it’s smart to check with experts or insiders before diving in.

Maybe you’re just considering getting into web design and wondering what you need to know. Or maybe you’re about to hit “Send” on your first email to a potential client.

Either way, I understand. You want to be sure that you have what it takes to do the job.

In case no one has told you yet: You can do it. You are ready. If you come across a problem you don’t know the answer to, there are so many resources at your fingertips.

But if you want to be double triple quadruple sure, rate yourself on how well you know these skills that web designers use on the daily. Then, at your family get-together (this year or next), you’ll be able to say with confidence to your skeptical cousin Kate, “I’m a web designer.” Just consider it an early holiday gift from Skillcrush to you! You can be officially official now.

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Are You Ready to Be a Web Designer? A Checklist.

Are You Ready to Be a Web Designer? A Checklist.

Find out if you've got what it takes to start your web design career.

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  1. Maralynn Replied

    I think you’ve just captured the answer pectlrfey

  2. Jackie Long Replied

    How I’m I going to meet a client to work for

  3. Andrea Replied

    checklists are my jammy jam! Hopefully this will make me feel less anxious about my readiness level and help show me in what areas I need more work

  4. Morten Kose Replied

    My 2017 goal is to land in a web developer job :)

  5. John Replied

    Based on comments below… Are you ready for your first client?

  6. Rachel Replied

    The email I received after entering my email did not include a link or download to this pdf. 

    • Kelli Orrela Replied

      Hi, Rachel! So sorry you didn’t get the download. I’ll email it to you now.

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  9. Delphine Replied

    I’ve entered my email address in twice and still haven’t received the email with link. Not in spam either. Help!

    • skillcrush Replied

      So sorry about that, Delphine! We’ll email it to you “manually” now. Just drop us a line at hello@skillcrush.com if you don’t see it soon.

  10. revisualize Replied

    I’ve made the request for this PDF. I am currently working through it. I must say, it is a poorly designed PDF. If you print it. You get 3 & 5 lines on two of the pages.

    • skillcrush Replied

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll definitely take a look at this and watch out for that problem in the future. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know!

    • janita Replied

      you can make the text smaller i think before printing .

    • skillcrush Replied

      Thanks for letting us know, Elle! The article’s been updated so you can get the download by putting in your email at the top. Enjoy the checklist!

  11. Katrina H. Replied

    The link for the guide sends me to a 404 page.

    • skillcrush Replied

      Sorry about that, Katrina! We’ve fixed the link now. So, just put your email in the field up top, and we’ll send you the checklist. Thanks for your interest!

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